Half Marathon run in loving memory of Patricia

2020 April 23

Created by John & Paula 10 months ago

John ran a half marathon and received sponsorship for the SHINE Charity which supports people with Hydrocephalus. He was encouraged and supported by Paula who cycled with him all the way. In a selfless act of solidarity, a group of good friends ran full half marathons as well to honour Pat and support the family. At a time of lock-down due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, we all ran independently and at different times, but together in spirit.

Andy Moore ran across the Humber Bridge and back, completing 21 Km in solidarity and with much Beverley Westwood parkrun love. Lauren Turner dedicated her run to Patricia, and thanked her for "getting me home safe, I tried to show you the sights". Ed Husband expressed his gratitude at sharing with the family in honour of Patricia. Martin Green ran a tough course on the Westwood dedicating his effort to Patricia's memory. Thank you to good friends and fine athletes.